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Dutch Police Demonstrate How They Use Trained Eagles To Take Down Rogue Drones

With an increasing number of drones in the skies, police in the Netherlands have been training eagles to take intercept drones that are believed to be posing a danger to the public, such as airports and restricted, sensitive areas. “Despite concerns raised by animal rights groups, the police say the birds are not in any danger.” The Dutch “winged warriors” could go into action as early as next summer.
[Signals Daily / AFP News Agency / The Guardian] [H/T:Laughing Squid]

AFP News Story

Smart Seal Escapes Hungry Pod Of Killer Whales By Jumping Onto Whale Watcher’s Boat

[Language] While out looking for whales off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia Monday, Nick Templeman, of Campbell River Whale and Bear Excursions, captured the rare sight of a seal jumping onto the back his friend’s boat in an attempt to escape a hungry pod of Orcas. Templeman grabbed his GoPro camera and filmed the intense encounter as the pod of Orcas searched everywhere for the lone seal. The boat’s owner, Kirk Fraser, also captured the close encounter on camera.
[Nick Templeman / kirkfraser] [H/T:CBC]

Kirk Fraser’s Footage