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Meet Steve, The Cat From New Zealand Who Thinks He’s A Lamb

Steve, an eight-month-old cat who spends his days running around inside Amanda Whitlock’s home in Waitotara, New Zealand was introduced to a flock of lambs over the winter and he now thinks he’s one of them. Over the winter, Whitlock would bring the lambs inside a few nights a week to keep them warm, and Steve quickly formed an relationship with them. Now that it’s warmer, the lambs spend a lot more time outdoors, and so does Steve. It appears Steve thinks he is now one of them.
[NZ Herald] [H/T:The Dodo] [Photo:Amanda Whitlock]

Dog-Loving Bride Ditches Bridal Bouquets For Adorable Adoptable Rescue Puppies

During their wedding earlier this month, Sarah and Matt Crain decided their wedding wouldn’t be complete without inviting their bridesmaids, and groomsmen, to carry a rescue puppy instead of the traditional bouquet of flowers. Sarah, who helped found the non-profit Pitties.Love.Peace in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, says rescuing dogs is her passion, and that she helped raise all the puppies featured at her wedding. Sarah hopes that her wedding photos, shot by Pennsylvania-based wedding photographer Caroline Logan, will encourage people to become more involved with shelters and rescue. Sarah tells Inside Edition that the five, 8-month-old boxer-coonhound puppies featured in her wedding will be available for adoption soon.
[Inside Edition / Caroline Logan Photography]

Dutch Police Demonstrate How They Use Trained Eagles To Take Down Rogue Drones

With an increasing number of drones in the skies, police in the Netherlands have been training eagles to take intercept drones that are believed to be posing a danger to the public, such as airports and restricted, sensitive areas. “Despite concerns raised by animal rights groups, the police say the birds are not in any danger.” The Dutch “winged warriors” could go into action as early as next summer.
[Signals Daily / AFP News Agency / The Guardian] [H/T:Laughing Squid]

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