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Hungry Bear Hits Jackpot By Hitching A Ride On Top Of A Trash Truck

A couple weeks ago La Cueva volunteer firefighter Caleb Johnson was out washing an engine in Los Alamos, New Mexico when bear jumped out of a nearby trash truck. Johnson quickly grabbed his cellphone and recorded the unusual event. Sanitation workers assisted the bear by backing their truck up against a tree, which allowed the hairy hitchhiker to hop off and scamper back into the woods.
[Caleb Johnson] [H/T:KOBF-TV]

French Tourist Captures Extremely Close Encounter With An Enormous Fin Whale

During a recent whale-watching tour off the coast of Tadoussac, Qu├ębec in Canada, a group of tourists on a small zodiac boat got closer to the whales than they had anticipated. In the middle of the tour, the group got an incredible look at an enormous fin whale devouring plankton as it swam just inches away from their boat. French tourist, Eric Mouellic, managed to capture the close encounter on camera.
[Eric Mouellic] [H/T:Rtrock]

Adorable Baby Deer Refuses To Leave The Caring Man Who Saved Her Life

Darius Sasnauskas, who lives near Yellowstone National Park, recently rescued an injured fawn after it was abandoned by its family. After single-handedly rehabilitating the little one back to health, Sasnauskas made several attempts to release her back into the wild, but she wouldn’t leave his side. In an update off camera, Sasnauskas says he was able to reunite the fawn with her family and sees them together often.
[honeysada] [H/T:TheDodo]