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Invisible Children – Kony 2012.

Filmmaker Jason Russell visited Africa in 2003 and returned with a story that made people ask what they could do to help. Jason co-founded the non-profit Invisible Children Inc. which is working to make the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Joseph Kony of Uganda famous by raising support for his arrest. Kony’s arrest will save thousands of women and children allowing them to live a normal life without fear from the LRA rebels. Jason shares with us his friend Jacob, who after losing his brother and not having the opportunity to attend school Jacob would rather die than live. Unfortunately the ‘United States will not get involved if our National Security or Financial Interest aren’t at stake’. The issue to the US government is not important enough to get involved. So, the people have spoken and made it clear that they want to see something done. Invisible Children currently has 475,000 fans on Facebook and looking to increase that number before April 20th. On the night of April 20th, Kony 2012 crews will hit the streets to set up posters, with hopes of grabbing national attention to the issue. This 30 minute video will be the best thing you watch all week and you can help by spreading the word to get our government involved.