Harlem Shake Takes Over The Internet.

In 2012 Harry Ridrigues aka Baauer produced a heavy bass instrumental track entitled ‘Harlem Shake’, but it wasn’t until February 2013 that the first 30 seconds of the song went viral. The ‘Harlem Shake’ includes one person dancing while others go about their business. 15 seconds into the song the bass drops and all others in the room join in the dance. Each unique variation of the ‘Harlem Shake’ that is uploaded receives over a million views in just a couple days, here are some of the most popular.

The Harlem Shake By The Sunny Coast Skate.

Harlem Shake – Office Edition. / Harlem Shake – Military Edition.

Harlem Shake – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Version. / Harlem Shake – Father And Son Edition.

Harlem Shake – Firefighter Edition. / Harlem Shake – Peanuts Edition.


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