Diamondbacks Fan Classy Move.

Nicholas Goodfellow tries catching a baseball tossed by Rickie Weeks from the Milwaukee Brewers. Nicholas misses the ball and it drops. The sadness sets in when the ball is tossed to another young Diamondbacks fan, Ian McMillan. After seeing Nicholas, Ian decides to give the baseball to him. The announcers are shocked and award Nicholas with gifts and a contract. This all seems to good to be true because it is. Unfortunately, the park employee told Ian to give the ball to Nicholas. After finding out what truly occurred Ian was forced to return all of his gifts. After the incident, Ian McMillan was awarded with throwing out the first pitch at a later game. Both Ian and Nicholas appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where they were presented with Diamondbacks season tickets.

Ian McMillan Interview.

Ian’s McMillan First Pitch 7/22/2011.

Ian and Nicolas On Jimmy Kimmel.


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