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High School Valedictorian Denied Diploma For Saying ‘Hell’.

Kaitlin Nootbaar received straight A’s throughout high school and was named class valedictorian at Prague High School in Prague, Oklahoma. Kaitlin’s graduation speech included a story of how she was asked throughout high school what she wanted to be, she would reply with Veterinarian or a Nurse. As graduation got closer she replied with, ‘How the hell do I know?, I’ve changed my mind so many times’. Kaitlin didn’t know there was a problem with her diploma until she went to pick it up this week. The school’s principal told Kaitlin she would not receive her diploma until the school received a letter of apology for swearing in her speech. Kaitlin doesn’t plan on writing a letter of apology since she feels she hasn’t done anything wrong. Kaitlin’s perfect academics have landed her a full scholarship and she plans to attend her first college courses this week.
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