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Terrafugia Transition – Street-Legal Airplane.

Last year Terrafugia received a green light to produce their flying vehicle called the Transition. CEO Dr. Carl Dietrich spoke with Fox News last summer about his new flying vehicle. The unleaded flying vehicle can fly up to 100 mph with a range of 500 miles, meanwhile on the ground it gets approximately 35 miles per gallon and costs $279,000. The Transition will make it’s debut at the New York Auto Show held April 6th-15th. Also popular this week is Dutch company PAL-V‘s version of a flying car abbreviated for ‘Personal Air and Land Vehicle’. The PAL-V One is a more sportier, sleeker helicopter version of a flying car which features gyrocopter technology. Let’s see if Terrifugia or PAL-V can join with Google to create a ‘Self-Driving Flying Car‘.