Powerful Anti-Texting While Driving PSA Is Proof There Is No Good Reason To Use Your Phone While Driving

With attention spans short and the fear of missing out strong, many teenagers aren’t aware of the consequences of using their phone while driving. AT&T recently sat down with the kids from Summer Break and asked them what their reasons were for using a phone while driving. They were then introduced to Jacy Good, who shared how her life was forever changed by a single distracted driver. AT&T reminds everyone “No post, selfie, text, or photo is worth the life of yourself or others. Distracted driving is wrong and YOU can make our streets safer.”
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Carpenter Pulls Stapled Finger Prank Perfectly On His Co-Worker

Carpenter Jason Wolfe recently set up a hidden camera at the shop he works at in Mentor, Ohio. Wolfe then set up a scene to make it appear like he had shot a staple straight through his finger. After pressing record, Wolfe called over his co-worker Tyler for a hand with the “accident.” After uploading the video to Facebook, Wolfe said, “As funny as it was to see that, I’m actually impressed with it! He was focused on the problem and not on the situation.”
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Dick Van Dyke Casually Sings ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ For Diners In Denny’s

Because no local restaurants that he knows of serves grits, 90-year-old Hollywood legend Dick Van Dyke heads over to the nearest Denny’s to appease his appetite. It just so happens that “Breakfast at Denny’s, with a side a grits” makes Van Dyke want to sing! And he did just that by performing an impromtu rendition of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” with his a cappella quartet, The Vantastix.
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