Ohio Track Star Carries Competitor Across Finish Line.

17-year-old Meghan Vogel, a junior at West Liberty-Salem High School in Ohio competed in the Division III 3200-meter race at the 2012 Ohio State Track Meet. Meghan was in last place and on the final lap of the race when she caught up to to 16-year-old Arden McMath sophomore from Arlington High School. Arden’s legs had given up on the two mile run and the heat was just too hot to continue. Meghan picked Arden up and put Arden’s arm around her shoulder and continued the final 30 meters to the finish line. Everyone in the stands cheered them on as they crossed the finish line, Meghan pushes Arden across the finish line before herself finishing 14th and Meghan followed finishing 15th. Earlier in the day Meghan placed first in the 1600-meter race with a time of 4 minutes and 58.31 seconds.

3200 Meter Finish.

Meghan Vogel Winning 1600 Meter.


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