Marine Surprises His Younger Brother At College Basketball Game.

20-year-old Meyers Leonard and his older brother Bailey had a tough time growing up after losing their father in a bicycle accident when Meyers was only six. His family lost their home to foreclosure, but found a place to live with no furniture, no electricity and limited water; all they had was blankets, a small television and each other. Their mother struggles with a back injury that limits herself from doing a lot of things, including seeing Meyers’ basketball games. Though just two years older than Meyers, Bailey became a father figure to Meyers and watched every one of his basketball games as they grew up in Robinson, Illinois. In 2008 Bailey joined the Marines and has since done two tours in Afghanistan, Meyers went on to play basketball for the University of Illinois. Earlier this year Bailey flew to Illinois to surprise Meyers and watch him play for the first time in years. Meyers was drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers this year and plans to move to Portland with his mother where she can now get the medical care she needs.


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