How To Live Forever – Buster Martin.

Pierre Jean Buster Martin was born in 1906 and was featured in the 2009 film How To Live Forever, a documentary that follows Mark Wexler on a three-year worldwide trek in search of how to live forever. On Wexler’s journey he meets Buster Martin, a marathon-running, beer-drinking, chain-smoking, 101-year-old employee of Pimlico Plumbers. He has smoked since age 7, he doesn’t include fish, dairy, tea, or water in his diet and he follows a diligent regimen of beer, cigarettes, and red meat. Buster’s last and final marathon was the 2008 London Marathon which he walked in 10 hours. On April 12th, 2011 Buster finished work, had a beer and went home. He died that night, at the age of 104.
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