Google Fiber – The Next Chapter Of The Internet.

Google has plans to release their new ultra high-speed internet called ‘Google Fiber’ to the city of Kansas City, Missouri in the coming months. Google Fiber is 100 times faster than the average connection[10Mbps] Americans use today, capable of 1,000Mbps speeds or 1Gbps. Google has released a short taking us through the speeds of the internet through the years from dial-up to broadband to fiber-optic communications. Google Fiber will be available September 9th, 2012 to the ‘Fiberhood’ with the most pre-registered customers. Google Fiber will run $120/month for 1Gpbs TV+Internet, $70 for 1Gpbs Internet and $300 one time construction fee for free 5Mbps internet for at least 7 years.

How To Get Google Fiber.


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