Evacuated Tube Transport – NYC To LA In 45 Minutes.

ET3 or Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies has released a video of a new transportation idea that is cheaper and quieter than planes and trains. ET3 capsules weigh 400 pounds, can carry up to 800 pounds and are capable of speeds up to 4,000 mph. With those speeds the capsules can travel from New York City to Los Angeles in just 45 minutes, from Washington D.C. to Beijing in 2 hours and to the other side of Earth in 6 hours. The idea uses magnetic levitation or maglev technology, which is used in some high-speed trains today, removing air in the tubes would eliminate drag and allow for the capsule to travel at a high rate of speed. According to Wikipedia, in theory you could travel across the United States or across the Atlantic Ocean in approximately 21 minutes. This technology could be built for 1/10th the cost of high-speed rail or 1/4th the cost of freeway.


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