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NFL Star Tyrann Mathieu Sits In A Hot Parked Car To Show What It’s Like For Your Dog

Arizona Cardinals’ defensive back Tyrann Mathieu recently teamed up with PETA to demonstrate the consequences of leaving a dog inside a car on a hot day. Mathieu sat inside the car in 90-degree heat until he couldn’t take it anymore. After only eight minutes, the car’s interior temperature soared to 120 degrees and Mathieu bailed.
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The Dino Pet – A Living, Interactive, Bioluminescent Pet That Glows In The Dark

In 2013, Yonder Biology turned to Kickstarter with hopes to launch Dino Pet, a bioluminescent ‘pet’ that “uses sunlight, water and nutrients, instead of batteries or electricity, to grow and glow.” Encased in a polycarbonate Apatosaurus shell live bioluminescent plankton called dinoflagellates. Simply feed, shake, and the Dino Pet will illuminate. Get your bioluminescent Dino Pet on Amazon.
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Nivea Creates Clever Doll That Gets Sunburned To Teach Kids The Importance Of Sun Block

To teach kids the importance of wearing sunscreen, global skin- and body-care brand Nivea teamed up with FCB Brazil to create the Nivea Doll, a UV-sensitive toy designed to get sunburn when exposed to the sun. If the child applies sunscreen on the doll, it will be protected from sunburn.
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