San Jose Sharks Bring Fan With Serious Heart Condition To Tears After Fulfilling His Lifelong Dream

17-year-old youth hockey player Sam Tageson of Martinez, California was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. It’s always been a dream of his to practice and skate on the ice as a member of the San Jose Sharks. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Sharks Foundation, The San Jose Sharks signed Sam to a one-day contract and he spent Tuesday experiencing life as a Sharks player. After the game Sam said, there’s ‘no way to top today’.

Helmet Camera Captures Unconscious Skydiver’s Dramatic Mid-Air Rescue

Last July, 25-year-old James Lee, an experience skydiver from Gloucestershire, England, went skydiving with a few of his friends. At 15 seconds into the video Lee is hit by another skydiver and knocked unconscious at 12,500 feet. Lee’s friends notice something is not right, check on him, place him in a stable position, then deploy his chute. Lee regained consciousness moments before landing and had no memory of the accident. The dramatic mid-air rescue was caught on Lee’s helmet camera and has been seen more than 2.5 million times in a week.