Enraged Golfer Snaps His Clubs Into Two After A Bad Round Of Golf

[Language] After a bad round of golf at Spring Mill Country Club in Warminster, Pennsylvania, frustrated golfer Chris Cataldo had a meltdown and took his anger out on his own clubs. Cataldo snapped almost all his clubs into two, then tore apart his bag. After destroying his equipment, Cataldo says he “put all the carnage in the bag and threw the bag in the pond.”
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Actor Jason Sudeikis Returns As ‘Coach Lasso’, The World’s Worst Soccer Coach

With the Premier League returning to NBC this weekend, clueless American football coach Ted Lasso [Jason Sudeikis] is back as well. “After being fired by Tottenham Hotspur, Coach Lasso is back in the USA, looking to make the most of his Premier League experience.” NBC’s coverage of the Premier League begins Saturday, August 17th.
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NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart Hits And Kills Driver During Dirt Track Race

[NSFW] During a sprint car race at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York Saturday night, NASCAR driver Tony Stewart struck and killed fellow sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr. After getting tangled up with Stewart, 20-year-old Ward exited his car, attempted to confront Stewart on foot, and was struck. Ward was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Stewart has been “fully cooperative” and the incident is not being investigated as a criminal matter.
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