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Snowboarders Rescue Stranded Horse From Freezing To Death

After the first snowstorm of the season, snowboarder Rafael Pease and his friend set out to ride four-feet of fresh powder in the Chilean Andes. Their snowboard trip quickly turned into a rescue operation when they found a lone horse stuck in snow up to her belly. The duo dug the exhausted horse free, fed her, guided her back down the mountain where she was reunited with her owner. Their entire rescue was captured on a GoPro camera.
[GoPro] [H/T:TheInertia]

Heroic Beachgoers Rescue Beached Great White Shark In Massachusetts

While trying to catch seagulls off the coast of Chatham, Massachusetts, a 7-foot-long juvenile great white shark beached itself. Once on land, beachgoers kept the shark alive by dumping buckets of water on it until professional rescuers. Eventually, the shark was tagged by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and safely returned to the ocean.
[MikeBartel / Atlantic White Shark Conservancy / CBSBoston]

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Rescue Video