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Nivea Creates Clever Doll That Gets Sunburned To Teach Kids The Importance Of Sun Block

To teach kids the importance of wearing sunscreen, global skin- and body-care brand Nivea teamed up with FCB Brazil to create the Nivea Doll, a UV-sensitive toy designed to get sunburn when exposed to the sun. If the child applies sunscreen on the doll, it will be protected from sunburn.
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[FCBBrasil] [H/T:Adweek]

The Official Trailer For ‘Ted 2’

Universal Pictures debuted the first official trailer for Ted 2 today, a sequel to Seth MacFarlane’s 2012 hit comedy Ted. In the sequel, Ted wants to start a family with his new bride, Tammy-Lynn. But after a mishap at the sperm bank, Ted must prove he’s human and eligible to adopt. Ted 2 arrives in theaters June 26th, 2015.