Animal Odd Couples – Kate And Pippin.

PBS’s ‘Nature’ series examines the odd relationship between a Great Dane, Kate, and a deer, Pippin, in their show Animal Odd Couples. In 2008 Pippin was abandoned by her mother but was soon adopted by Isobel Springett’s dog Kate, the two have been best friends since. Isobel describes the unique relationship Kate and Pip share. Today Pip has two fawns and Kate guards them as if they were her own. Isobel concludes with, ‘It doesn’t matter what you look like, it doesn’t matter what species you are, we’re all from the same planet, we all basically need the same things, why not a dog and a deer?’ Watch the full episode here – available only in the United States.

Animal Odd Couples – Kate And Pip Preview.


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