1,000 Musicians Play ‘Learn To Fly’ At Once In An Attempt To Get The Foo Fighters To Play In Italy

In an attempt to get Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters to put on a show in Cesena, Italy, 1,000 local musicians gathered together and performed the band’s hit song “Learn To Fly” at the same time. It would be a shock if the Foo Fighters turned down this epic invitation.

[UPDATE] Dave responded with a video saying, “Hi Cesena, I’m David, hello! I’m sorry, I don’t speak Italian, just a little, a little. That video, how beautiful, how very beautiful! Thank you very much, we’re coming to you, I promise. We’ll meet soon, thank you very much, I love you, bye!”
[Rockin’1000] [H/T:freecris]

Dave Grohl’s Response


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