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Why LEGO Is The Best Company In The World.

10-year-old James Groccia has been playing with LEGO sets almost every day over the last 6 years. LEGO has helped James develop social skills by playing with the bricks in a LEGO Playgroup, helping James’ Asperger’s Syndrome. Two years ago LEGO released the Emerald Night Train Set, which sold for $100. James wanted the set and has saved money from birthdays, holidays and his allowance over the past two years. When he finally had enough to buy the LEGO Emerald Night Train Set, the set was considered a collectible and his family could only find it online for $250. James wrote to LEGO asking them where he could find the Emerald Night Train Set. This is the response James received from Megan, a Consumer Services Advisor at LEGO.

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