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Unlocking The Truth – Two 12-Year-Old Metalheads That Rock

Posted: June 17, 2013

12-year-old Malcolm Brickhouse and 11-year-old Jarad Dawkins of Flatbush, Brooklyn have been best friends since the age of four and have dreams of becoming one of the world’s best heavy metal bands. They recently teamed up with bassist Alec Atikins to form Unlocking The Truth, one of the youngest heavy metal/hard rock bands in the world. Despite being teased and bullied about their music and style, guitarist Malcolm says, ‘I know a lot of people doubt me. But then I really don’t listen to those people, because I know I’m going to be famous anyway.’ The band has already written two albums, Madness and Paranoid, and recently auditioned for America‚Äôs Got Talent.
[AvantGardieDiaries] [UnlockingTheTruth]

Unlocking The Truth Cover ‘Recreant’ By Chelsea Grin


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