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Opera from Charlotte And Jonathan

Britain’s Got Talent – Charlotte And Johnathan.

Charlotte Jaconelli and Jonathan Antoine from Essex were the last act on Britain’s Got Talent this evening. At first glace Simon Cowell was not enthused as he told Carmen Electra, ‘just when you think things can’t get any worse!’ when the two walked on stage. 16-year-old Charlotte and 17-year-old Johnathan were paired up by their singing teachers and both have learned to stick up for one another. Johnathan has been bullied and picked on for a very long time and has lacked confidence, he says having Charlotte with him on stage boosts his confidence. Their jaw dropping performance received a standing ovation by the audience and all four judges. Simon shares his thoughts saying Charlotte is good but Johnathan is unbelievable calling him a future star, Simon worries that Charlotte will hold him back. Johnathan responds with ‘We’ve come on her as a duo, and we’re going to stay here as a duo’.

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