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Iceberg Flipping Over.

An iceberg that calved by Argentina’s Upsala Glacier was caught on camera in March of this year flipping over. Icebergs flip all the time but it’s rare to catch it on camera, the iceberg’s top side stays cool from the cold air while portion underwater slowly melts, soon the iceberg becomes top heavy and causes the iceberg to flip. Viewing icebergs and glaciers from a boat can be dangerous if you are too close, last fall a boat was too close to a glacier calving and several people were injured from softball sized ice chunks that were sent flying at the boat. We also included a glacier calving from a safe distance which shows how far away you must be in case of danger.

Glacier Calving. @1:35

Glacier Collapse Near Boat.

A 200 foot piece of ice breaks from a glacier in Tracy Arm Fjord in Alaska. The glacier calving caused large chunks of ice to be propelled towards the boat, which you can see at the 0:08/9 second mark. The size of the ice chunks appear to be the size of a softball and reach the boat in less than a few seconds. The launching ice balls hit one woman causing to break her leg.

Another Video Of The Collapse