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Smash Smash Smash – Hitchhiker Hero Gets Auto-Tuned.

[NSFW] On Friday, February 1st, Caleb Kai Lawrence, better known as ‘Kai The Homefree Hitchhiker’, was riding in the passenger seat with Jett Simmons McBride when he suddenly claimed to be Jesus and ran over a Pacific Gas and Electric worker then attempted to beat up a woman that was trying to help. Kai quickly grabbed his hatchet and stopped the wild man. Kai shared his story with Jessob Reisbeck of KMPH FOX 26 in Fresno, CA and the interview went viral reaching over 1 million views in just a few days. Since the interview, The Gregory Brothers have taken Kai’s interview and auto-tuned it into a piece they call ‘Smash Smash Smash’.
[Schmoyoho] [KMPH]

KMPH News: Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker [Kai] Saves the Day.

Original Interview With Kai The Hitchhiker.

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