Mattress Store’s Tasteless 9/11-Themed ‘Twin Tower’ Commercial Sparks Major Backlash

On Wednesday night, San Antonio-based Miracle Mattress attempted to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11 with a “Twin Tower Sale.” The promotion, which offered any sized mattress for the price of a twin mattress, included a tasteless commercial which was uploaded to the company’s Facebook page. The 21-second spot featured manager Cherise Bonanno announcing the sale, and two employees who end up crashing into two towers made of mattresses. After a massive amount of negative feedback, the video was removed from Facebook and owner Mike Bonanno offered a public apology. On Friday the company announced it would be closed indefinitely.
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Toy Story’s Woody Meets Dory In Hilarious ‘Pixar-Off’ On ‘The Ellen Show’

While promoting his new film Sully on The Ellen Show, actor Tom Hanks and host Ellen DeGeneres took a moment to discuss what it’s like being a voice actor. While doing so, the two reprised their famous roles as Woody from Toy Story and Dory from Finding Nemo/Dory, then told the audience to “close your eyes and imagine you’re in Pixar land.” Next came an improvised, adventurous scene where Woody meets Dory while searching for his hat.

The Official Trailer For ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Asks ‘What’s The Meaning Of Life?’

On National Dog Day, Universal Pictures fittingly debuted the official trailer for A Dog’s Purpose, a comedy-drama film based on the bestselling novel A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. The film shares story of one devoted dog’s journey in search of the meaning of his own existence. A Dog’s Purpose is currently┬áscheduled to arrive in theaters January 17th, 2017.
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