10-Year-Old Boy Spends 2 Years Growing Out His Hair To Donate It To Kids Battling Cancer

When 10-year-old Thomas Moore was eight years old, he saw his mom watching a video about a 5-year-old girl who had lost her hair during chemotherapy. Wanting to do something, Thomas began growing his hair out with hopes that one day he would be able to donate it to kids with cancer. Thomas’ dream came true this week as he chopped off his 16-inch locks and donated them. His hair donation will be enough to make three wigs.
[NBC Washington / storkpatrol] [H/T:BoredPanda]

Dutch Police Demonstrate How They Use Trained Eagles To Take Down Rogue Drones

With an increasing number of drones in the skies, police in the Netherlands have been training eagles to take intercept drones that are believed to be posing a danger to the public, such as airports and restricted, sensitive areas. “Despite concerns raised by animal rights groups, the police say the birds are not in any danger.” The Dutch “winged warriors” could go into action as early as next summer.
[Signals Daily / AFP News Agency / The Guardian] [H/T:Laughing Squid]

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