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NYPD Officer Buys Pair Of Boots For Barefoot Homeless Man.

On a freezing November night, NYPD Officer Lawrence DePrimo spotted a barefoot homeless man with large blisters on his feet. Officer DePrimo asked for the man’s shoe size, went into a nearby shoe store and purchased a pair of all-weather boots with his own money. When DePrimo returned, he knelt down to give the new pair of boots to the homeless man, tourist Jennifer Foster snapped a picture of DePrimo’s act of kindness. When Jennifer returned home to Florence, Arizona she wrote the NYPD about what she witnessed, the NYPD shared her story and the image on their Facebook page. Since Tuesday, the image has been liked more than 500,000 times and shared more than 200,000 times. View the image Jennifer Foster shot here.

Wallstreet Journal – Officer Lawrence DePrimo Interview.

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