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Man Almost Runs Into Bear While Texting.

Posted: April 10, 2012

There have been several bear sightings the past two weeks in La Crescenta and Glendale, California. Early this morning the 400-pound Glendale black bear, who has become somewhat a celebrity (with his Glen Bearian twitter account)was spotted in a La Crescenta backyard and the KTLA 5 chopper was on the scene. Vaz Terdandenyan was texting along side of his residence when he came face to face with the bear, when Vaz finally noticed the bear he quickly ran the other way to safety. Vaz was texting his boss telling him he would be ‘late for work because helicopters were around his home and something was going on’. This video alone gives a good reason not to text and walk. It took 3 tranquilizer shots to bring the bear down safetly, the black bear is now in a safe location deep within Angeles National forest.


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