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Humiliated Son With Autism Wears Wire To School.

Stuart Chaifetz was informed Akian, his 10 year old autistic son was having violent outbursts hitting his teacher and aide at Horace Mann Elementary in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Stuart was shocked to hear the news and could not understand what made Akian act this way, he has never seen his son lash out or even hit someone. Stuart was in contact with the school and after 6 months, he needed to know what was going on so February 17th, 2012 he set Akian to school wearing a wire. After only one day Akian came home with over 6 and 1/2 hours of audio and Stuart could not believe what he heard on the tape. Stuart walks us through the audio which is cut down to about 7 minutes. Stuart created a website full of evidence features more disturbing audio, he also began a petition to change New Jersey’s legislature, stating any teacher who bullies a child should be immediately fired not simply relocated. Stuart is not going to file a lawsuit but asks the teachers, Jodi and Kelly to come forward with a public apology for what they did. NBC10 Philadelphia covered Stuart’s story which is also below.

NBC10 Philadelphia

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