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Homeless Cat Saves Abandoned Baby From Freezing To Death

A homeless, long-haired tabby cat named Masha returned to her cardboard box in the streets of Obninsk, Russia this week and found an abandoned 12-week-old baby boy in her place. Masha jumped in her box and cuddled with the baby for several hours, keeping him warm from the sub-zero temperatures. Irna Lavora, a nearby resident, heard Masha’s meows for help and discovered Masha cuddled with the little one. After a trip to a local hospital, the baby was declared completely healthy. Masha is being treated like a hero by local residents.
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Brilliant Black Lab Rides Bus To The Dog Park All By Herself

This urbanized, 2-year-old Black Labrador-Bullmastiff mix named Eclipse simply can’t wait to get to the dog park. If her owner, Jeff Young from Seattle, Washington, takes too long to finish his cigarette, she’ll hop on the bus without him and ride to the dog park solo.