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Pedigree’s ‘Hearts Aligned’ Experiment Proves Your Dog Is Good For Your Heart

According to the ADAA, one in four humans report persistent stress or excessive anxiety impairing the ability to function. To confirm the belief that dogs bring out the good in us, Pedigree teamed up with Human Performance Expert Craig Duncan and Canine Welfare Specialist Mia Cobb for Hearts Aligned, a test measuring what happens to owners when they are separated and reunited with their dogs. Hearts Aligned is scientific proof that stress and anxiety can melt away by simply being around your dog.
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Watch 13 Shelter Dogs And A Cat Take Part In A Hilarious Holiday Feast

All natural, fresh dog/cat food company Freshpet recently teamed up with the Humane Society of Utah and invited 13 dogs and a cat to the dinner table for a hilarious holiday feast. Freshpet plans to cover all adoption fees for any of the animals featured in the video and also plans to give adopting families a supply of Freshpet food. For more information visit Freshpet here.

Freshpet Holiday Feast Behind The Scenes

Impatient Pups Left Alone In Car Lay On The Horn For Their Owners’ Return

Over the weekend, Melissa Tonkin from Altoona, Pennsylvania left a pizza shop and spotted a group of impatient dogs laying the horn for their owner. After a long beep, the Airedale Terrier in the driver’s seat let out one more to let their owner inside know they were ready to hit the road. The dogs’ owner, who was not gone very long, returned to the car and said, they “love going for rides, but apparently they don’t like waiting.”
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This just happened in Greenwood….apparently their human was taking too long in the store. Haha!

Posted by Melissa M. Tonkin on Thursday, November 19, 2015